Alphabetical Index of Books
Alphabetical Index of Books


African Designs of Nigeria
and the Cameroons

African Designs of the Congo

African Designs of the Guinea Coast

African Designs, Collected Edition

African Gold Ornament Designs

African Nomad Designs

African Printed Textile Designs

American Hooked Rug Patterns

American Rowhouse Classic Designs

American Sampler Designs

American West Designs

Ancient Greek Monuments to Make

Ancient Scandinavian Designs

Angels in Traditional Design

AnimAlphabet Encyclopedia
Coloring Book, The

Antique Lace Patterns

Appliqué Quilts to Color

Art Deco Patterns & Designs

Art Nouveau Abstract Designs

Art of Moving Picture Posters, The

Arts & Crafts Patterns & Designs

At the End of the Day

Aubrey Beardsley Designs

Aztec and Other Mexican Indian Designs



BirdAlphabet Encyclopedia
Coloring Book, The



Calligraphic Designs

Celtic Designs

Chinese Cut-Out Design Book, The

Chinese Cut-Out Design Book: People, The

Chinese Cut-Out Designs from Nature

Chinese Flora and Fauna Designs

Coral Reef Coloring Book, The



Daniel and the Harmonica

Defining Middle Ground

DesertAlphabet Encyclopedia, The

Designs of the South Pacific

Designs of Tonga

Dinosaurs from A to Z

Drollery Designs in Illuminated Manuscripts

Duck in a Tree, A



Early American Crewel Design

Eastern Woodland Indian Designs

Eldred Wheeler: A Collector’s Guide

English Crewel Designs
Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries


Faience Designs

First Teddy Bear, The

Floral Designs from Traditional Printed


Folk Art Designs

ForestAlphabet Encyclopedia, The

Freshwater Alphabet Encyclopedia, The



Geometric Maze Designs

Greek Design Coloring Book, The



Hawaiian and Easter Island Designs

Hmong Textile Design



I Hear the Wind

I’m Nobody! Who Are You?

Illuminated Letter Designs

InsectAlphabet Coloring Book, The

Islamic Designs

Italian Renaissance Textile Design



Japanese Kimono Designs

Japanese Nature Print Designs

Japanese Textile Designs

Japanese Woodblock Designs

Jewish Ceremonial Designs






Mayan Design Book, The

Medieval Floral Designs

Medieval Garden Design Book

Medieval Tapestry Designs

Mediterranean Mosaic Designs

Mola Design Book, The

My Ocean Liner




Native American Designs

Nature Lover’s Book of Quotations, A

Northwest Indian Designs



Peach Tree, The

Pennsylvania Dutch Designs

Persian Calligraphic Designs

Persian Carpet Designs

Persian Ceramic Designs

Persian Etching Designs

Persian Miniature Designs

Persian Textile Designs

Peruvian Textile Designs

Pieced Quilts to Color

Plains Indian Designs

Polar Seas Encyclopedia Coloring Book, The

Polish Wycinanki Designs

Pysanky Patterns & Designs


ReptAlphabet Encyclopedia
Coloring Book, The

Russian Enamel Designs



Science Fiction Design Coloring Book

SeAlphabet Encyclopedia Coloring Book, The

Shells of North American Shores

Southeast Asian Textile Designs

Southeastern Woodland Indian Designs

Southwest Indian Designs

Spanish Patterns & Designs

Still (A Winter’s Journey)

Swinger of Birches, A

Symmetric Patterns and Designs



Tales from the South Pacific Islands


Traditional Chikankari Embroidery Patterns
of India

Traditional Designs of Armenia and
the Near East



Under the Greenwood Tree



Victorian Gothic Coloring Book, The

Victorian Ornament and Pattern Designs
to Color

Victorian Wallpaper Design
Coloring Book, The



Why Buffalo Roam

Why the Possum’s Tail is Bare

Wide-Mouthed Frog, The

Will You Sting Me? Will You Bite?

William Morris Patterns & Designs



Young Brer Rabbit